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>> "inside washington" is brought to you in part by the federal association o of employees, proud to make the governnt work. have picked ourselvlves. - >> we have to pick o ourselves . we have fought our way back. thate know in our hearts of the united states tamerica, the best is yet come. >> this week, the post-election rubio. ablestill wish had been to f ffill your hopes to lead the country in aa different directction. >> and where do weo from here? >> mr. p president, we stand rey to work with you. >> the republicans take a look at their game plan.
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>> i think republicans have done toousy job of reaching out people of color. >> an amazing campaign. let me be clear. i did not bill that. -- billetttt that. you build that. >> also a lo at b ballot initiatives, including legalizing pot. mythis is the best day ofof life. captned by th national capaptioning institute >> it t was a long, anxious nigt for a lot of people in thihis town and across the nation, but then the networks called ohio and you knew it was over. the president n 93% o african-americans, a 71% of
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thannics, more women romney. 73% of asian-americans. 60% of voters 18 to 29. he won 52% of voters under 34. 4234. half the independent voters.s. overf those who me $100,000 a year. first we will ar from the president. thi i believe we e can le arere together because we politicssided as our suggest. we are not as cynical as the pundits believe. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions. >> we will get to the campaign d mittomney in a minute, but john listen to what boehner said after the election. your. president, this is ment. we are ready to be led. not as democra or republicans, but as americans. let's rise above the this function and do the right thing for our country. >> later john maynard told diane
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mostr he ishe personbable, responsible dianen boehner told mostr he is the personble, responsible presidentn and the knows that. and he knows that he and john can work together. -- john boehner can work tother. end of the year. will we ach a compromise before then, charles? a i do not thinink it will be comprehensive compromise. tohthink they will be able patch something together. tohink they will be able reformn it true tax sometime next year. someththing along the lines the obama appointed. i think they will get past the cliff. if he insists raising rates, he will be stymied. >> what is the message? >> it is a mixed message. i think we all agree the presidente of the taxesessage is we raise on those earning over $250,000.
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mitt romney pledged to repeal obamacare. these are the e essential points of their candidacies. i think he can point to that. but at the same time, he has to dealith the republican house and john painter has to deal with the republican house. beingoehnhner -- he is not humbled by saying that he is best that the president has the republican congress. >> does the president have a mandate t of this election? >> he does not have a mandate, but he has a lot of momentum. been 60 miion people. he got beat up day after day for four years. the people said they wanant youo stay in office and continue your presidency. he does haveve some leverage gog into hisresidency. people are with him on this ofng, espepecially the issue raising tataxes,s, taking away e
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benefits people on the high end of the scale, seeing their go up. but that is not why he won. in his speech, he said thingsively we can do together. that resates with people. isple want toelieve that where they can take this. they did not get that from th opposition. the 47% notion -- that is important to his presidenc. >> nina, break it down for us. >> i do not think he has a mandate. i think the republicans and democrats both have a mandate for cocompromise. whehen you heard from republicas mccnellike mitch who said his jobob was to see obama is never reelected.d. so, he has an edge year.
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-- he hasn edge here. he does have l leverage. but it will be a long haul. he does need partners. >> mitch mcconnell is on the knows as saying that he that the election makes some thele think tha rolllicans are going to over. "i am here to tell them there's notionto that whatsoever." that does not sound like compromise. compromiseinition of excepting over and higher tax rates. that is an interesng definition. democratic definition of compromise. i would never suggest biasas. the president ran -- i will say negative most campgn. hehe did not run on s record. he could not. he did not run on a program. there ione thing he got a mandate for, and he now has a mandate to raise the top tax
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the on twpercrcent of population by four. ? -- by four points? at is the smallest mandate in american history. >> can i say something? >> no, not until i am done. this is true. he is the host. you are not. i am not going to get into this floridian -- whatat the republicans will agre thejohn boeer came out day after the election saying raisee would agree to revenues. there is a difference between rates and revenues. you do it by eliminating the bridge and u the will get more revenues. --s obsession with races rates is something that will resist. >> there is one of vicious truth. you cannot get rid of tha just taxetting rid of the bush cuts for the wealthy. nor can you get us out of this
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by getting rid of all and lowerering the tes. the math does not work. you haha to have some painere for everybody. >> colby? >> this is a sho record. i wantnt to make sure the record mittear on negativity and romnmney. let us not forget, last summer when the democrats started, we had the republican primary. in that republican primary, the capitalut venture versus vulture capital? where did d that come from? that came from mitt romney. pickedd about being over by bain capital? rick perry. the talk about weaervane mentality? was that david axelrod? no, that was john huntsman. the republicans laid the
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thendwork for the work democrats did. >> mark? >> yes, is there a question? >> no. i just want you to respond -- >> i wilrespond to it and say the you win, you define victory. that is the role of american politics. lowly reagan won a landslide with no mandate in 1984. was it morning in america? there was a bear in the woods. you willl recall. walter mondale -- and he won 49 states. then he defined it. became when tax reform hiscenterpiece of administration. this year, ame'sca's privatately-owned freight il railroads plan tspend $23 billion on their network. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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weat a time like this, cannot rispartisan bickering. our leaders have to rch across the aisle to do the citizizens work. and we cicitizens also o have to to the occasion. >> aextremely gracious concession speech by gov. romnmney. romney lost the s state wheree was g governor, the state wheree votes, mass., some pundits have egg all over their faces. what made e the difference with thismark? >> when you run a good give credit to the campaign. there s an enormous effort. people disparaged the ground game. it was super. is surpassed anything we had seen before. and the president voiced that campaign. at the same time, in a year americans were furious at wallylvania avenue and strereet, the reblicans chose investment banker, a private
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equity, a cayman islands, a fors bank accous, by and clothes businesses. places.g and forcling at a time whenen you need a chris christie, a a guy who will have a shot ana beer with you, and talk to people to get their rent money together, but mitt romney was not it. all of this admirable qualities concessionracious speech -- >> chris christie is not exactly the guy you want to this election, the obama.g for some people might have called that a lot dance. -- a lapap dance. [laughter] that is extremely disturbing. i do not want that image in my mind. he will be quarantined for a couple of months. i agree with mark. obama ran a brilliant campaign. he did not have a record. and he succeeded. he did extremely well.
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and he is right. i would say mitt romney is a good and decent man and who -- good have made a president. he was not a good campaigner. theink k heas weakened by republican primaries, weakened by the 47%, and in thend he had really bad luck. a week before the elecon he theahead in just about all polls by a lot -- >> no. >> i think it was pre-empted in the last week. i am not sure he w would have w. but it would havave been closer. nina? >> i do not think he was ahead.. but when we leleftft here last mark and i looked at eachh otr r and we said, now we ll see whetherer theaunted ground game is really t their.. -- really tre. the vavaunted ground game turned out to be a mega groundnd game. one e person i know, this obama operativeses sent out an e-mail her friendnds ansaid, don't
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despaiair. this was the week of the bed dete. ---- bad athe beit. this was not good,d, but we votersred 10,000 obama this big. that is an incredible thing. the question is, can you move anotheration to candidate? yearnother election, an ofoff- election? can yomove that to the d? backn, they can be right where they were in010. >> let's stick with thiss for now. colby? >> o thing on this election night, you had a lower turnout women,ks, latinos, people with disabilities. i left your last week and i thought he would have 236 electoral votes. -- and i thought he would win 286 electoral votes. i was low on that. there was a keen sense of peril going ininto this election.
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among the latinos and african- .mericans wouldat the consequces thef the republicans won white house. not anti-romney, necessarily, wereiven what they aanding for, this was not matter of changeup office. -- a change of office. you that people who had the perception they would be a real threat to people. th is the reason why i saw turnout of people, young black widows i had never young black males never seen -- >> in dc. >> in d.c. >> in florida, where we think there was a voter suppression effort, the afcan-american vote went from 11% to 15%. >> mark? >> two point. not to tap dance on mitt romney's campaign, but what was romneyd idea of the campaign that woulsusurvive his candidacy? barry goldldwater energize the thousandof people.
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he gave his party y and new direction. gegeorge mcgovern did that. but i just do nonot think there was. once you do not have a bold idea, the candidacy is in peril.
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i never would have been able without your unbelievable supports. you, my friends, stood with me to buy thistried election. duckworth.tammy she lt two legs in combat. women did very well in the senate race. elizabeth warren, claire and so forth.
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20 women ithe senate now. what is interesting is the fivelican number goes from to four. the democratic number goes to whihich i do think reflects with ther problem constituency that the republican with women. is refreshing to sethese women winning because -- not bebecause they a are the daughtf or the widow of. they are creatining political of irannd it is remarkable. what happens if john kerry becomes secretary of state in massachusetts? scott brown pop back into the senate? i think you have to consider that. he is still viable. the question as, who cld the up if john kerry lees? i think he ran the best race
9:21 am
ountry and he lost. warren is going to be the future. be one of the to of the new democratic congress, and i can see her at level inntial politics are really soon. the other really interesting the was i thought was this initiative in -- it is not a party issue, but to have assisted suicide legalized, it failed, and i tnk that is bebecause doctors who are possible -- extremely powerful in the state opposed it. >> i want to go back to the question of the hisispanic vote.
9:22 am
done e a lot of resech. thinkws that hispanics that government doesn't help. hard workerto think government has hped them succeed. they do not oppose government in traditional way of some of west. think it is going to be harder than republicans think. i want to remind people there republican majority in the house. one poin not personalities. is not marked rubio. it is policy. -- it is not marcoco rubio. is policy. the obamhealth care e act extends to 9 million hispanics that would not have had that. that is important. that i is policy. and marco rubio cannot change that. you can ha the governor of new mexico's stand next to you, but healthot extend insunce coverage toeople.
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>> in the house democratic caucus, there are 61 wom, 10 african-ricans, of 43 americans, 94 white males. 94hite male nority in the democratic caucus. for the first time in history. democratic caucus. for the first time in history. which is more reflective of mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. democratic caucus. for the first time in history. which is more reflective of so who seess hat she's duewho has a refor a mammogram., mary has one that day. that's when she e nds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health roviderhas an amazing connected, e has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive hey! hey, baby. [ starts car ] were you eating smoked sausage in here?
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forhis a great day quality in america. i am proud. >> voters in maine,aryland, washington gave the green light to gay mriage. annesota rected tostitutitional amendment manne marriage as between a and woman. the legalization of pot. the world is changing, nina. >> it is. is particularly changing about marriage. werefornia, dememocrats inastat -- proposition 8 wereornia, , democrats devastated.
9:26 am
-- the gay community was decimated. they had beent campaigning on, which was equauality, was not what people about when theyalked about marriage. people talk about marriage, love, commitment. they changed the message. they wanted what everyone else wanted and people understood tot and they are beginning succeed everywhere except the south. >> jerryry brown got the tax in california. >> jerry brown did something which he deserves credit. he was elected governor and he taxes will not raise unless i have the approval of e people of this date. -- of this state. to rescue the state's of california public school system, he went and said we need a tax increase. ofneed a tax increase billions. and they voted for ed. fort.ed i say hat's off to him and to californians for stepping up. >> legalizing marijuana
9:27 am
nationwide? >> hats off also for the date theped up and said -- for joemarriage issue it to biden who stepped up and said was born at. -- supporting its. he brought barack obama into the picture. that set a tone fofor the president and the vice president of the united states to come out that way. oppositione the going the other way. >> five years ago, i do not think you would have thought 10 anrs it would be no longer wase because it generational. i think k that was pessimistic. i think in 10 years, we will even bepeaking of it. speaking of all the other initiatives, i must say,it was a rough night for secured of's be -- for conservatives. we did lose the presidency. in we can still get high denver. >> and in washington state. >> let's give a shout out to the state f maryland. thers in maryland passed dream that -- dream act.
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